Zeck Chevrolet in Oklahoma is Your Go-To Dealership for Trucks

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Zeck Chevrolet in Purcell, Oklahoma is your go-to dealership for cars and trucks. Zeck Chevrolet has been in business for a very long time and has exemplary staff in a state-of-the-art facility to meet all your needs. We offer services at an affordable and highly competitive price. Most employees have been with the company for several years and have a great understanding of how to provide the best auto service. We have people employed who have worked for the company for as long as 25 years.

Servicing and Fast Lane

Zeck Chevrolet is an all-in-one-place dealership that provides maintenance on every model and make of car and truck. We are focused on helping you keep your vehicle in tiptop shape. Making sure the resale value of your car or truck remains high is a top priority.

Zeck Chevrolet offers a fast lane service where you have everything done in one place. We are focused on quick and speedy service. The types of services offered are oil changes, repairs, tire replacement, checking and replacing your fluids, changing your brakes, as well as any routine service maintenance you might need.

No appointments are needed before coming in. You can stop by anytime to get your vehicle inspected. Zeck Chevrolet also offers a complete maintenance package that includes tire rotation, brake inspection, a multi-point general inspection, fluid top-off, oil change, a filter check, checking your belts and hoses, and checking your tire pressure.

Tire Center

Apart from the fast lane service, Zeck Chevrolet has a tire center perfect for getting a new set of tires. Zeck Chevrolet has plenty of options when it comes to tires for all popular makes and models.

Zeck Chevrolet guarantees that you will pay the lowest price for tires in Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas if you come to us. Zeck Chevrolet is so confident that you won’t find cheaper tires in the OKC metro area that we even offer a price match. If you find tires that are cheaper than your purchase price within 30 days, Zeck Chevrolet will match the price.

Parts Center

We offer genuine parts for all makes and models and will go out of our way to make sure you have the part that you need. If you bring in the VIN number of any rare part, we can order it online. It’s as simple as that. Zeck Chevrolet’s tire and service center will help you keep your truck running like new.

Financing Center

To finance your vehicle, Zeck Chevrolet also has its own financing department. We have some of the best rates available on the market. Zeck Chevrolet’s highly trained staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to loans and can help you find the right loan for your purchase. Not only does Zeck Chevrolet focus on finding you the right loan, but we also focus on making sure that you find the best rates on the market. Zeck Chevrolet will work hard to make sure that you are pre-approved for your loan so you can leave with the truck of your dreams.

Zeck Chevrolet’s financing department is willing to work with your local bank to help you find the right loan. Zeck Chevrolet is very active in the community and has experience working with members of the military to provide service to those who have served.

Zeck Chevrolet will work with you even if you have bad credit. We work with the three leading credit-reporting agencies. Zeck Chevrolet will do whatever it can to find the best option suitable for your budget.

Zeck Chevrolet looks at many things when it comes to finding the correct option for your vehicle purchase. One of the first things we look at is your debt to income ratio. The debt to income ratio looks at the amount of money you have earned compared to the amount you owe. Zeck Chevrolet is committed to giving you the best deal possible when it comes to financing your vehicle.

The Right Truck at the Right Price

Most importantly, Zeck Chevrolet is focused on finding you the right truck for the right price. You don’t have to haggle to get the best deal. If the vehicle you are looking for is unavailable, Zeck Chevrolet will work with you to find it somewhere else for a good price.

To make sure you know you are getting a good deal when buying a new truck from a Chevrolet dealer in Oklahoma, CARFAX is provided free of charge on every vehicle to give you peace of mind.

Buying a truck can be a tiring and frustrating process if you go to another dealership. Zeck Chevrolet will do everything it can to make the process as pain-free as possible. One of the ways in which it does this is by not operating on a commission. All the time spent at Zeck Chevrolet will be focused on your buying needs. Zeck Chevrolet prides itself on being not just a dealership, but family.

Not your Average Dealership

Zeck Chevrolet is not your average dealership. Our mission is to change that way in which you buy cars. We want to make the entire process of buying a vehicle simpler and easier. Our focus is on making sure that purchasing a truck is not a financial burden.

Zeck Chevrolet offers the lowest prices for our vehicles and the pricing is transparent. Our discounts are year-round and not just during holidays or at certain times during the year. Zeck Chevrolet guarantees and is committed to having the most affordable vehicles in the state every single year.

We are willing to do what we can to make sure you find the perfect vehicle that suits your needs. Not only are the vehicles prices low, but the quality of the vehicles is also high. Zeck Chevrolet’s in-house staff makes sure that each vehicle undergoes plenty of checks to make sure absolutely everything is sound. There are many happy customers that can attest to the service and detail that is put into our work.

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