Why You Should Consider Buying an Affordable Vehicle

March 16th, 2020 by

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At some point in our lives, everyone dreams about buying a shiny, sleek, new car.

We dream about the way the interior smells when we step inside of our new car for the first time and let ourselves sink into the comfortable seating. We dream about the way the wheel turns around a sharp corner, and how the smooth handling makes us feel like a racecar driver. We dream about the road trips we’ll take in it, about turning the music up loud on the highway as the wind blows around us, and about watching our kids drive it off to college after we get another new car further on in our lives.

One thing we don’t dream about, however, is the price of a brand-new car. The average new vehicle, regardless of make or model, costs a little over $36,000. That’s more than half of the median average wage of most US workers, which means that many people spend years paying off an expensive car. It’s almost always worth the expense to buy a car, but what if we told you that you could get most of the things you dream about—from the new car smell to the personalization possibilities—from a more affordable vehicle?

Zeck Chevy loves the new and pre-owned vehicles we sell.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should consider buying a more affordable car.

1. If you’re looking to save money, buying a used car saves all around.

Car buyers flock to used and pre-owned cars because the sticker price is ultimately much less than a new car. Used cars also save on other costs, especially after the time of purchase. Initial costs aside, used car drivers also save on insurance, registration, and personal property tax costs. A lower yearly registration means less paid toward the car over your length of ownership. Lower insurance costs can save a person hundreds a year. That’s a lot in savings.

2. You usually spend less time paying off a car that costs less than $10,000.

To the untrained eye, used car payments rival new car payments, maybe only saving the buyer an average of $100 each month. However, when you consider the length of repayment, used and certified pre-owned cars can save the buyer thousands of dollars in interest, as well as leaving them with a shorter payoff time.

Even if you choose a loan term with a length similar to a new car loan, you can easily make extra payments on it to shorten the length of the loan. Therefore, if you’re looking for a way to reduce your loan repayment terms, it would likely help you to buy a used or pre-owned car.

3. Used cars can be just as reliable as new cars.

Most people understand that a lot of used cars in the marketplace come from trade-ins and auctions. Anyone who has ever traded in their vehicle understands that when used ones come to car dealerships, they aren’t always in the best conditions. Sure, they might spruce up the interior, but what else are they doing?

Federal law prohibits auto dealerships from selling junker cars without disclosing what is wrong with them to the customer. However, not all used car sales companies fix up their cars before they sell them—some just sell them with the “as is” designation. So, how do you find a used car that isn’t going to need to head to the mechanic soon after you buy it?

The answer: buy a certified pre-owned car or a used car from a reputable car dealership, like Zeck Chevy. Certified pre-owned vehicles must pass rigorous tests to ensure they meet dealership standards, but they are still extremely affordable. Used cars at Zeck Chevy not only pass certified pre-owned standards, but we also put all our pre-owned vehicles through a rigorous, 120-point inspection. Any vehicle you buy from our car dealership will be road-ready, and many will be in a price range that meets the needs of budget car buyers.

4. There are competitive financing options available for used cars.

New car dealerships have great financing options. But if you had an opportunity that could save you money and allow you access to the same loans and financial assistance, wouldn’t you take that option?

Many new car dealerships, including Zeck Chevy in Purcell, offer similar financing options for their used cars, too. This includes trade-ins as part of your down payment, financing offers made without leaving the dealership, and down payment options that accommodate your budget. Additionally, car dealers like Zeck Chevy offer special pricing throughout the year, which can extend to the used car inventory. Talk to a personal shopper at Zeck Chevy to learn more about the great deals you can get on a pre-owned car today.

5. Used cars are especially useful second cars, or first cars for teens.

No one wants to admit it, but even the smartest teenagers aren’t always the best drivers. They’re still learning, and, understandably, they dent a door or scratch a bumper or two. Still, even the most forgiving parent doesn’t want to pay for repairs on a new car. For that reason, a reliable pre-owned vehicle is the best car for your teenager. They don’t cost as much as a new car, and they are still remarkably safe while providing teenagers with a reliable ride.

Don’t have a teenager, but do want a second car for your partner, parent, or grandparent? Save money by purchasing a certified pre-owned car rather than a brand-new one. This will keep monthly car payments low on a suitable vehicle that meets your needs. You can still find newer model pre-owned cars, which can make your lineup of home vehicles look just as impressive as if you had bought them all new.

Are you sold on buying an affordable vehicle? Zeck Chevy has you covered if you live in Purcell, Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, or the surrounding areas. Check out our selection of affordable cars under $10,000, and come in to see us today.

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