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2019 chevrolet tahoe

When thinking about a new car or truck, you might not consider the trim before you make your purchase. However, it’s often the small details on a car or truck that make it the most noticeable. The 2019 Chevy Tahoe is one of those vehicles that really benefits from trim variants. The Chevy Tahoe is a formidable looking SUV, to begin with. Updates to the design have kept its natural ruggedness while also softening the lines of the truck in a modern way. Once heralded for its off-road capabilities by Chevy fans, it now looks like an SUV you could see in many different places. You could imagine it bouncing on a back road in Utah as much as you might be able to see it sitting gracefully in traffic in Tulsa.

But when it comes down to it, the default design is fairly generic looking when it compared to other SUVs. Luckily, if you’re the type of person who likes to stand out in a crowd, Zeck Chevy can help you out. The trim options for the 2019 Chevrolet Tahoe are a great way to stand apart from other, more generic SUVs.

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What Do You Mean By “Trim”?

Trim is one of those terms that seems like it makes sense, but in reality, it is much more complicated than its name makes it out to be. A car’s trim options refer to the model of cars customization options. The Chevy Tahoe has three different trim options, and among these options are multiple different ways that the car itself can be customized. Even if you’re not big on a souped-up car, it’s crucial to understand trim. Otherwise, you could end up paying more for features you don’t want or missing out on features you do.

The 2019 Chevy Tahoe is exceptionally versatile and customizable — even more so than past versions of the car. Below are some of the ways you can customize your Tahoe when you make your next big purchase.

LS Trim Options

The LS trim options are the base trip options available for the Chevy Tahoe. Even though they are not as fancy or over the top as the LT or Premier trim options, they allow the Tahoe purchaser to customize their car and make it their own. The LS 4×2 starts at $48,000 and has a combined mpg of 18. Its transmission is available in 6-speed automatic with optional manual for those who can’t get enough of driving stick. It is a roomy car, with eight seats standard and an optional 9th seat. Eleven different factory colors are available for the exterior paint, as well as five different interior colors. Additionally, you have the option of add-on packages, including:

  • An interior protection package
  • A max trailering package
  • An enhanced driver alert package
  • An all-season package

These packages are available not only to make life easier and enhance the reliability of the Tahoe but also to make drivers safer.

The LS 4×4 option starts at $51,000 and has many of the same specs as the 4×2, including gas mileage, engine power, and exterior/interior color options. The big difference is that the 4×4 option comes with a standard eight seats, without the option to upgrade to nine seats like the 4×2. Because the 4×4 is designed to take on more substantial workloads, its all-season package and max tow package are a little more expensive. However, they include a few more details — like wheel adjustments to help them have better handling in snow and rough terrain.

LT Trim Options

LT options are a step up from LS options. The 4×2 starts at $53,000 and has many of the same engine and gas specs as the LS. However, many lucrative differences might make those looking at Tahoes interested in upgrading their trim to LT. Instead of 11 base exterior colors, it has twelve. While the LT has fewer seats, maxing out at eight and having a standard of seven, it makes up for it in luxury. Add-on packages for the LT are plentiful, ranging from the typical interior protection package to different exterior styles. The Body Security Content Theft Package is a big draw for those looking to optimize their safety. It provides alarms, as well as a Vehicle Interior Movement Sensor and a Vehicle Inclination Sensor which helps you stay safe while you are in the car.

Additional packages on the LS include an enhanced hauling package, the LT midnight edition which customizes the tires and rims, sunroofs and entertainment options, and more. The 4×4 LT starts at $56,000 and includes the same options as the 4×2, but with the prominent four-wheel drive element added on.

Premier Trim Options

Premier Trim is for those passionate about their Chevy and the way it looks and feels. It includes fewer exterior color options but also provides color options that are exclusive to the Premier. 4×2 options start at around $63,000 and include a higher combined MPG of 19. Premier specific packages include the Enhanced Driver Information Center option, as well as the Premier Plus Edition Package, which contains a 6.2 liter EcoTec3 V8 engine as well as a 170 amp alternator and an electronic 10-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. The 4×4 options are the same on the Premier, but with apparent affinity to four-wheel drive. The packages for the Premier are spendier, but for auto enthusiasts, they provide some of the more fun toys and gadgets that aren’t available in standard options.

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