The Benefits of Buying Pre-Owned Vehicles from a Dealership

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Dealerships are full of shiny, new cars that tempt the eye of the passerby. Customers on the hunt for a new vehicle might pass up on the opportunity to look at cars at a dealership. Some think that a new car is out of their budget. Others worry that they will never qualify for a financing package for any of the vehicles that dealerships sell.

But did you know that most dealerships, including Zeck Chevy, carry a range of quality pre-owned vehicles?

Don’t pass up on a visit to your local new car dealership, even if you think they might have nothing to offer you. The benefits of buying a car from a dealership outweigh the uncertainties of visiting them.

Take a look at these common benefits of buying pre-owned vehicles from a dealership.

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Benefit 1: You can trust you’re getting a quality car.

Anyone who’s gone the Craigslist route when it comes to buying a used car has probably encountered a time when they’ve been unsure about a vehicle they went to look at. It might have looked shiny and new on the outside, but had a little bit of a clunk when they drove it around. Or, perhaps they didn’t like the high mileage on the odometer despite the car being in good repair otherwise. The owner might be telling the truth about the car – or, they could be fibbing. There’s less of a gamble when you work with someone who has a pre-established good reputation, like a dealership.

At dealerships, you rarely have to worry about getting a car that is of poor quality. For one, certified pre-owned dealerships must follow federal law and disclose all issues with a vehicle. Secondly, their reputation depends on the quality of the cars they sell – which means they will always go above and beyond to make sure you get a good car.

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Benefit 2: Dealerships often offer competitive trade-in options.

Some private sellers do trades. But the vast majority of them ask for cash up-front. If you have a vehicle you’re hoping to sell before buying another one, this means you must wait for it to sell before you have the extra money.

Dealerships, on the other hand, offer trade-in deals for people looking to get a little extra cash toward a new car. Trade-ins help dealerships maintain their used car stock, and they help you by expediting the sales process.

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Benefit 3: Finance your car in-house rather than relying on a bank or your savings account.

Private sellers, as a general rule, do not offer to finance the cars they sell. So, if you intend to buy a car from a place like Craigslist or Letgo, you’ll have to have the cash up-front to do so. This either requires the customer to save up for a long time, or it requires them to finance with a bank or other financial lender.

At a dealership, you have the option to finance your new car in-house. This will allow you to keep your transactions related to your car in one place. Additionally, this lessens your likelihood of being denied funding. Dealerships like Zeck Chevy are committed to working with customers regardless of their credit rate, which makes it easier for all customers to get the cars they need and deserve.

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Benefit 4: You’ll get a better variety of models at reasonable prices

We might be a Chevy dealership, but that doesn’t mean we sell only used Chevrolet cars. Our trade-in deals help us maintain a diverse stock of vehicles. When you buy pre-owned cars at a dealership, you’ll have quality used vehicles from all makes and models. Additionally, dealerships follow Kelley Blue Book values for their cars, so you generally get the going price for a vehicle that has been well-maintained.

Benefit 5: You can find late-model used cars at the best prices at dealerships

One of the hardest things to do when shopping for a used car is to find late-model vehicles for great prices. It’s nearly impossible to do on secondhand apps. However, it is effortless to do at used car dealerships. If you’re looking for a steal on a car that isn’t very old, a dealership is your best bet.

Benefit 6: Many dealerships offer warranties, even on used cars

One of the things that makes buying a used car so hard is worrying about whether or not it will break down immediately after you buy it. You’re making a huge investment – you want it to last, right?

The only place you’ll find a warranty on a used car is at a used car dealership. Not all used car dealerships offer warranties, so it is best to ask the dealership you’re shopping at about their warranties early on in the shopping process. A warranty should uphold the promise that the dealership you’re buying from is confident the car has been well-maintained before buying.

Benefit 7: You won’t have to worry about the upgrades you’re missing out on.

When you buy a car, you usually make a budget before you go shopping. It can be hard to stick to that budget when you shop for a new car because there are so many great upgrades available on that car.

Typically, you cannot make upgrades to used cars at the dealership. This keeps you within budget. That doesn’t mean you can’t make upgrades to your vehicle later on down the line, but it keeps the FOMO regarding car upgrades to a minimum.

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Benefit 8: You can trade your new car in years down the line!

Finally, one of the best things about buying pre-owned vehicles from a dealership is that it is the start of a beautiful friendship! There’s nothing like the feeling of working with someone you trust, and when the time comes to get a new car later on down the line, you’ll have a company you can return to for a new-to-you vehicle.

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