Quality Vehicles

Our Promise of Quality Vehicles, 120 Point Inspection

All of our vehicles go through a rigorous 120-point inspection so that we can guarantee that they meet the quality standards maintained by Zeck Chevrolet. We do a full inspection of every vehicle so that we can promise you that your next car will be a car you can trust and depend on.

Our inspection and review includes a driving test and checking the condition of glass, mirrors, wipers, and washer; frame and body; exterior lights; airbags and seat belts; interior amenities; interior trim, carpet, and floor mats; luggage compartment, trunk and truck bed; seats; sunroof, moonroof, and convertible top; window and door lock operation; audio and alarm systems; engine mechanical condition; cooling system; fuel system; electrical system; exhaust system; suspension, steering, and brakes.

The History of Our Vehicles

Every one of the vehicles we sell includes complimentary AutoCheck and CarFax reports. We believe in complete transparency with regards to any information that is available on the vehicle. Whatever we know about it, we’ll share with you so you can make an informed decision.

Our policy is honesty. We want you to be well informed on all the details from the beginning so that you will be able to make the optimal decision about which car to purchase. We only offer you the best price that is available and there are never any hidden fees that are revealed when you make your final purchase decision. In addition, we are completely honest with you about the finance rates we charge. This policy of transparency allows us to offer you a comfortable, fun and hassle-free car purchase experience.

Our 3 Months and/or 1,000 Miles Used Car Guarantee

For our customers’ peace of mind, we give them a free three-month, 1,000-mile warranty. They know that their used vehicle is covered! If there are any problems with the vehicle, they know that all they have to do is bring the vehicle into us and it will be fixed at no expense to them. We will ask no questions! We will pay for 100% of any electrical or mechanical repairs that are needed, so they will have no out of pocket expenses. Of course, please note that the warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or normal wear and tear. The warranty is also not available for BLBs (Back Lot Beauties).

Buying Without the Hassle

Most dealerships pay commissions to their salespeople and the commissions are based on how much money the dealership takes in for a car sale. Many times, they put pressure on you to buy a car that is not suitable for you just so they can make a higher profit for themselves. That never happens at Zeck. We don’t hire the traditional “car dog” salesperson. Instead, we search through the service industries and locate the friendliest and most talented people, people who have the ability to make your purchase process as fun and easy as it can be.

We actually prefer to refer to them as personal shoppers rather than salespeople. We don’t go the usual route of paying them a commission that is based on the amount of profit that is made, but rather, we pay them a bonus that is determined by how satisfied their customers are. This helps them to focus their effort more on making the process of finding the right car easy and fun.

Value-Based Pricing

As you can see, our prices are generally better than our competitors’ prices. This is because we give you the final price straight, right from the beginning.

We think the process of purchasing a new vehicle should be easy and fun. With that said, we don’t believe it’s a good idea to spend hours and hours at the car dealership negotiating to get the best possible deal on your car. We present our best price right up front.

We do our research thoroughly so we can assure you that what we are offering you is the best possible value available in the market. To help us keep our prices down, we employ a buyer team that travels across the country and searches for the very best cars. They don’t limit themselves to just a local search, they search in markets all over the country. They do heavy research on hundreds or thousands of cars per week and try to pinpoint the cars that are just right for you at the prices you want so that we can offer you those savings.