Peace of Mind

Used Car Guarantee for Peace of Mind – Three Months/1000 Miles

At Zeck Chevrolet, we are so confident in all our used cars, that we offer a 3 month/1000 mile warranty for free. If you have any issues with the car, bring it back and we will fix it on the spot, no matter what the reason is*. All at no cost to you.

Vehicle History

Another area of our carefree buying experience is making sure our customers have access to the entire history of every car that they might be considering. Every vehicle at Zeck Chevrolet comes with a free CarFax Automobile AutoCheck history report. Any problems that we may have come across while researching and inspecting the vehicle will also be disclosed to the customer. You never have to worry about whether or not the car you are buying is exactly what you think it is.

Quality Vehicles

At Zeck Chevrolet dealership in Purcell, OK, every single one of our vehicles has undergone a 120-point inspection to make sure that the quality is top notch. We would never sell our customers a vehicle that they would not be completely satisfied with, so we go through extensive measures to make sure that never happens. Our experts fully go over and inspect every aspect of every car to ensure that our customers will be leaving in a safe, luxurious, and dependable automobile.

Value Pricing

People are often shocked at the low prices that we offer our cars at. They even think that there must be something wrong with them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, we begin making the buying process quick, easy, fun, and efficient right from the beginning. We have a team of researchers that scour the market for the best and cheapest cars from all over the country. Rather than just give our customers local cars to choose from, we have access to thousands of cars every week and are 100 percent dedicated to finding the perfect car for our customers. We will make absolutely sure that every customer receives the best value they possibly can.


Part of providing a carefree and fun buying environment is disclosing all our information to our customers. There are no hidden fees, our financing options are all up front and direct, and our customers can be assured that our buying options are the best options available, period. We want to make sure our customers know that our main goal is to provide a carefree, up front, and totally honest car buying experience so that they can make the best decision possible.

Customer Happiness Incentivized Personal Shoppers!

Buying a car is a major purchasing decision. The cost is generally very high compared to most purchases, so it takes careful consideration before making the commitment. On top of it already being such a major decision, the car buying process is usually a hassle. There is a constant negotiation war between the car salesperson and the buyer. This is simply because most dealerships pay their salespeople based on a commission on how much of a profit they can get on every car they sell. This promotes a stressful mindset where the buyer and seller are put at odds with one another.

We at Zeck Chevrolet believe this is a bad business model.

At Zeck Chevrolet, our salespeople aren’t paid on how much they can sell the car for, they are paid bonuses based on how satisfied the customer is. That’s right, at Zeck Chevrolet, our job is to make you happy. This turns the hassle of buying a car into a carefree and fun environment where you know you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal possible. We believe that having this policy can revolutionize the car buying experience and bring in more customers.

This is a strategy that works for everyone. Instead of looking for the traditional sales sharks that are great at tricking their customers into paying too much for a car that isn’t worth their time, we went out and found the most talented people in the service industry that would be dedicated to creating a fun and friendly environment for customers and would be committed to getting them the best car that suits their life and situation. That is why we don’t even want our customers to consider us as salespeople; we want our customers to consider us their own personal shoppers.

*Cosmetic damage and normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty. Warranty not available on Back Lot Beauties (BLBs).