How Does the Zecksperience Work?

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If you’ve ever been car shopping before, you’ve probably wondered what exactly constitutes an ideal car buying experience. Whether it’s on a television ad or at the dealership itself, each car dealership makes different promises regarding what the car buying process will be like. It’s almost hard to listen to all of these various promises being made, especially since so many of them seem too good to be true. From promises about the lowest prices in town to promises about friendly and respectful salespeople, dealerships set themselves up to break their pledges by not understanding their customers’ needs.

The “ideal” car buying experience does not and cannot exist. It will always be different because each car buyer is different. Therefore, the best car buying experience is one that is individualized for each customer.

It’s that mindset that helped Zeck Chevy, and the rest of the Zeck Family create “the Zecksperience.”

What is the Zecksperience?

Rather than the “ideal car shopping experience,” Zeck auto dealerships strive to give their customers the Zecksperience – an individualized car shopping experience based on the needs and wants of the customer. We’ll break down each area of the Zecksperience later on, but there are a few main areas of the car buying process that we focus on for the customer. These include:

  • Optimizing safety on the cars we sell.
  • Streamlining the car buying process.
  • Remaining transparent and open about the purchase process.

A No-Haggle Dealership

First-time car buyers don’t expect to go to a dealership just to get talked at by a salesperson. Instead, they go to a dealership in the hope they will find a car that is right for them. Haggling is something that many first-time buyers might experience at other dealerships, but it is something that goes against the very core of the Zecksperience. We aim to build trust and avoid any sales tactics that would make a customer feel uncomfortable.

Do you have a particular car in mind that tickles your fancy? We’ll show it to you immediately – no questions asked and no attempts to sell you other vehicles on our lot.

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Are you unsure about your purchase budget? Not a problem. Instead of haggling you up to a price you may or may not be able to afford, we’ll work to understand your financial situation better.

Are you firm about not wanting to look at a car? That’s not a problem, either. We’ll never pressure you into buying.

Inspection Before Every Sale

The Zecksperience is also a commitment of safety to all our customers – regardless of whether they buy new cars or used cars.

Before any of our cars hit the lot, they go through a rigorous 120-point inspection to ensure they are safe enough for our customers to drive. These inspections look at brakes, electrical issues, engine, belts, and overall safety of the car. Not all dealerships do this, especially those who sell used cars. You can always feel safe and secure about your vehicle choice when you buy from Zeck Chevy in Purcell.

Are you thinking about buying a used car for your teenager? This would be the best place to look. Keep yourself and your teenage driver safe by working with a dealership that cares about standards.

A Quick Process From Start to Finish

We’ll be the first to admit that purchasing a car isn’t as easy as buying a pair of headphones on Amazon. Most customers head to a car dealership before even browsing their online inventory, and trips to dealerships can take hours. Then, once you pick out a car, you have to go through the process of applying for financing for that car, picking out an interest rate the works for you upon approval, and then signing paperwork. This process can take hours, days, and at worst weeks.

In the end, you get a car. But that doesn’t mean the whole process was necessarily your favorite.

The Zecksperience is different because we aim to cut back on the amount of time you spend searching for a car. We believe your time is valuable and want to help you save time for more important things. That’s why we’ve made a lot of the process available online.

Anything you can do in-store, you can do online. All you’ll need to visit the dealership for is to sign off on ownership papers and drive away with your new car.

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We’ll Save You Money – Guaranteed

Finally, we are committed to saving you money the first time around. Part of this commitment is shown through our no-haggle policy. We believe that our customers will always be a better judge of their finances than we will, so if you say you need a car for a specific price, we’ll always show those to you first. We want you to feel comfortable with the car buying process, and we’re proud to be part of that process with you.

On average, we’ve helped customers in Purcell, Oklahoma City, Norman, Moore, and more save 10% compared to our competition. That might not be much when it comes to an article of clothing, but when it comes to a multi-thousand dollar purchase, that can mean hundreds of dollars. How do we do this? Instead of buying from local auctions, we send a dedicated team across the country to locate the best cars to sell to you. By widening our search, we get more diverse inventory, and we save you big time.

Ready to get in on the Zecksperience? Come on down to our Purcell, Oklahoma location to find out why our car shopping environment beats all the others. We’re located at 1601 North Green Avenue, and we’re ready to get you started on your next car purchase. Alternately, call us at (833) 394-6830 to schedule an appointment for a time that works for you. We open at 9 am every weekday and are even open on Saturdays.

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