Hassle Free Buying

Your Very Own Personal Shopper

Here at Zeck Chevrolet Purcell dealership, we want you to have a great car buying experience. We don’t want you to come into any Purcell car dealership and be hounded by a sales clerk until you walk out with a car that you feel like you were scammed into purchasing. We maintain a different approach when it comes to the sale of our vehicles.

One way we have been able to do this is that we do not give our sales staff a commission based on their sales. Instead, we give them bonuses that are purely based on the satisfaction of the customers they have!

The idea behind this is that they will be much more focused on helping you as a customer get into the car that you want. We like to look at them as more of a personal shopper for your car needs rather than a salesperson trying to get you into any car they can.

Outstanding Prices

One thing our customers ask us on a regular basis is how our prices can be so low compared to every other used car dealership in Purcell, OK. A huge reason for this is we have specialists that focus solely on researching cars. They look at cars from anywhere in the country and aren’t just limited to the local area. These highly trained individuals research thousands of different cars every week so that they can bring back cars that are of great value and we can pass our savings on to you as our valued customer.

Transparent Pricing

We also don’t want our customers to have to come in and waste any time with negotiating back and forth on a price. This is why we just put the lowest price out there from the start. We want to make sure we are giving you the best deal possible.

Upfront Process

We want you to walk away from this process knowing that we were upfront and transparent with you every step of the way. This is one of the reasons we offer the lowest price on our vehicles from the get-go. We also don’t have any hidden fees to spring on you and we are upfront about our financing rates as well. We want to build an amazing rapport with our customers so that you will return to us again and again for all of your car buying needs.

Free Warranty

In order to give you peace of mind when you walk out of our dealership. This is why we offer a used car guarantee that will last you three months or one thousand miles, whichever comes first. If anything goes wrong within this time frame you can just bring your car in and we will get it fixed up for you. Your warranty will not cover cosmetic damage or wear and tear that is normal and this will also not be extended to any of our Back Lot Beauties. We will cover any mechanical and electrical repairs though at no cost to you.

Each vehicle also goes through a 120-point inspection before it even goes on the showroom floor. We want to make sure it meets all of the standards we have in place here at Zeck. We will do a drive test, check the frame and body, check the glass, mirror, wiper and washer conditions, the exterior lights, the airbags, the seatbelts, the audio/alarm system, any interior amenities, the trim, carpet and mats on the inside, the luggage compartment, the trunk, the truck bed, the seats, the sunroof/moonroof/convertible top, the window or door locking mechanisms, the engine condition, the cooling system, the fuel system, the electrical system, the exhaust system, the suspension, the steering, and the brakes.

An additional thing that we offer to give our customers peace of mind is we offer a free CarFax and AutoCheck history report to them. We want our customer to know exactly what (if any) issues there have been with their vehicle. We will also give the customer a print out of any issues we may have found during the inspection that we do and what we did to fix the issue.

Every process we have at Zeck is to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with their purchase when they walk out our doors. We want every step of the process to be as painless as possible and we want to make sure that our customers come back to us repeatedly. The only way to do that is to make sure they are happy the first time around. Come in and see us so we can show you how our dealership is different from all the rest.