Chevy Has Big Goals for New Suburban & Tahoe

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2020 Chevy Suburban SUV

The Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe have been two of Chevrolet’s best-selling full-size SUVs for many years. The Suburban has been in production since 1935, meaning it has been around for nearly 100 years, and has remained popular among Chevrolet owners since then. It has even been part of the GMC lineup – but has since been rebranded as the GMC Yukon. Despite the rebranding, the parts and makeup are all unmistakably Suburban. The Tahoe has had a good run as well, though it hasn’t been around quite as long. Initially released in the early 1990s, the Tahoe was a rebranded release of the full-sized Chevrolet Blazer.

Chevrolet fans and SUV fans alike have many reasons to love these full-size SUVs. They are two of the biggest on the market, which means that they are suitable for carrying around cargo efficiently. Their large wheelbases make them ideal for off-roading when paired with the right set of tires, allowing high clearance wherever the SUV might go. Even more than off-roading capability and cargo capacity, however, the Chevy Suburban and the Chevy Tahoe are catered to comfort. Their interior is plush, with comfortable seating and lots of legroom. In addition to this, there is also enough advanced driver assist technology to help Suburban and Tahoe owners navigate the roads even in such large rigs. Overall, these SUVs are designed to make the driver feel safe and comfortable when behind the wheel.

Recent car-buying trends have shown that SUVs and trucks are trending. Unfortunately, bigger cars and trucks haven’t always been better than their smaller counterparts – but Chevrolet is working on that with its new Tahoe and Suburban lineup.

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The Issue of SUV Size

Size is a big draw-in for full-size SUV owners, but that doesn’t mean that it comes without its problems. Recent studies show that smaller cars, trucks, and SUVs can get as much as 30% better gas mileage, which adds up when it comes to gas money. Sure, if you carpool, you might be able to offset the cost to your wallet and the environment – but it won’t be by much.

The unfortunate rule of gas consumption is this: the bigger the car, the worse it will be on gas. This is because it takes more gas to get up to speed and keep up the momentum at which it is driving. And the more weight you add to the vehicle, the worse the mileage it gets. The EPA estimates that for every 100 pounds you add to a vehicle, that vehicle gets 1% worse gas mileage. When you combine added weight with an already large and relatively heavy SUV, you can see where that becomes an issue for the Chevrolet Suburban and the Chevrolet Tahoe.

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The Next Generation of Tahoe and Suburban – Re-thinking Fuel Consumption

Luckily for consumers and fans of full-size SUVs, Chevrolet is completely rehauling the Tahoe and Suburban intending to help these two beautiful behemoths get better gas mileage.

The change was made possible thanks to Diesel fuel capabilities. Chevrolet plans to equip the Tahoe and Suburban with a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline six-cylinder diesel engine. A diesel option has not been available on either of these SUVs since the 1990s. Additionally, they plan to add a ten-speed automatic transmission to both SUVs. The result? Better fuel efficiency and more potential savings for the Tahoe and Suburban driver.

These engines are not yet available on the Tahoe and Suburban – Chevrolet plans to release them this summer. However, they are available on the Chevrolet Silverado 1500. With the transmission and fuel options, the Silverado gets approximately twenty-three miles per gallon in the city, thirty-three miles per gallon on the highway, and a combined rating of twenty-seven miles per gallon according to EPA estimates. Chevrolet engineers are confident that the option of the diesel engine will lower the Suburban and Tahoe’s EPA gas consumption ratings similarly.

The most exciting part? With these changes, Chevrolet estimates that the diesel-powered Suburban and Tahoe powertrain will make them the most fuel-efficient in their class without compromising their capabilities. Currently, that rating is held by the Ford Expedition, which gets a mere seventeen miles per gallon in the city, twenty-four miles per gallon on the highway, and twenty combined miles per gallon. At the moment, the Tahoe and Suburban only get fourteen miles per gallon in the city, twenty-three miles per gallon on the highway, and seventeen miles per gallon combined. With its current gas tank size and the estimated change in fuel capabilities, it is likely that the new Suburban might even be able to go eight hundred miles between refueling.

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Why Are Automakers Shifting Toward Better Gas Mileage?

Not everyone is a steward for the environment, though we certainly try to be at Chevrolet. It’s a common misconception that automakers are shifting their priorities solely for environmental reasons. While changes to gas prices, environmental policy, and dwindling resources might have spurred some change at our Detroit headquarters, it wasn’t our biggest concern.

As always, our biggest concern was customer needs – and we saw a need in our full-sized SUV lineup.

Full-size SUVs get the job done. They can carry a gaggle of children and other family members. They’re great for hauling and transport. They are useful for getting you where you need to go regardless of the terrain. Yet, many of our full-size SUV owners rely upon these trucks for their livelihood, and unfortunately, due to their size and makeup, they ended up spending more than they needed to on gas. Therefore, to better serve our customers, we worked with all our most excellent engineers to ensure that you could still get the service you trusted and needed from one of our full-size SUVs without having to spend a fortune on gas.

Are you excited about the changes to the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe? We know we are. Come down and take one of these full-size SUVs for a spin at Zeck Chevrolet in Purcell, Oklahoma. We are located at 1601 North Green Avenue and are open six days a week. For specific hours, click here.

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