Car Buying Made Easy

It is the customary practice at most used car dealerships in Purcell, OK to pay their salespeople a commission on each car sold. This adds an incentive for a sale to be made from the salesperson point of view, but is of no benefit to you as the buyer.

At Zeck Chevrolet, we have a unique approach to car sales, because we do not see our salespeople the same way most car dealerships do. In most cases, other dealerships’ salespeople are pushy and aggressive which makes buying a car a hassle for the customer. The sales person is selling the car to line their pockets with a high commission based on the final selling price. They’re out for themselves and do not have the customer’s best interests at heart.

We are different.

We consider our sales team as non-commissioned personal shoppers who are hired to find you the best car at the right price. Instead of commissions based on sales, we offer bonuses based on customer satisfaction. This means we are focused on you and your needs, and we attempt to make the buying process as easy and fun as possible. We hope to build a connection with our customers so that we can have a long-standing relationship. At Zeck, customer satisfaction is our mission.

This approach to car buying makes shopping for a car a much simpler and more enjoyable experience all around. We put all our focus on you the customer and that is where it should be. This is the biggest reason we are so different from most other car dealerships.

Value Pricing

The one question we are always asked is “Why are your prices lower than everyone else?”

The answer is easy, we can offer you the best prices because we have a team of buyers who spend their time scouring the country researching which cars are the best for us to purchase for resale. We do all the homework for you, so we can offer you the best car at a fair price. We aren’t limited to the cars in our immediate vicinity; instead, we have access to a vast nationwide market. Our researchers look at thousands of cars a week and only buy the best vehicles at the right price so we can pass on the savings to our customers. Here at Zeck Chevy dealership in Purcell, OK we think this philosophy ultimately is a win-win situation.

Transparent Process

We make buying your car as transparent as possible because we believe in honest car buying. When we offer our customers all the facts and details honestly and are upfront about our process, it leads to a better buying experience all around. This approach ensures you get the best car at the right price. There are never any hidden fees involved in your purchase and we make financing your vehicle as easy as possible. We do everything we can to make you feel confident and comfortable with your car buying experience.

Used Car Guarantee – Three Months/1,000 Miles

At Zeck, as part of your purchase, you receive our complimentary three-month, 1,000-mile warranty that gives added value and some peace of mind. If anything were to go wrong, we would stand by our vehicle and fix it to your complete satisfaction. There is never any cost to you and we will fix any mechanical or electrical problems that could arise. Of course, any cosmetic damage caused by accidents or normal wear and tear cannot be covered under this plan, but this added warranty does give you some additional confidence in your decision to purchase from us. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this warranty on any of our Back Lot Beauties.

Quality Vehicles – 120 Point Inspection

When buying a used car, a complete inspection is key to the customer satisfaction people have grown to expect from Zeck. A test drive or visual inspection is not enough as they can hide serious problems with a vehicle’s engine or there may be transmission problems that go undetected. This is why our vehicles receive a rigorous 120-point inspection to ensure that it meets our quality standards. We want our customers to have a dependable car of which they can be proud.

Our 120-point inspection starts with a test drive and goes on from there. We inspect the car’s body and frame, we check the condition of the glass and mirrors, and we look at the wipers and washer mechanism. We make sure to inspect all the exterior and interior lighting. The car is inspected for any new paint that might hide past damage. We ensure your safety by checking the functionality of the airbags, seats, seat belts and any audio alarm systems. The sunroof, moonroof, or convertible top is checked to make sure they are in working order. We make sure all windows are free from cracks and that all door locks are in good working order. We check under the hood as well, making sure the engine is in top mechanical condition, and that the cooling system, fuel system, electrical system, and exhaust system are all up to standard. Then finally, we check out the suspension, along with the steering and brakes.

You can feel confident that you are getting a sound car that has passed rigorous testing standards which gives you, our valued customer, some added peace of mind. We want you to feel confident when you drive off the lot that you got the best deal possible and have a car you can depend on for many years to come.

Vehicle History

We pride ourselves on transparency and like to be honest with our customers, so we will share with you any issues that may have been found and addressed by our expert mechanics before you buy from us. When you purchase any car from us, we make sure you receive a free CarFax report and an AutoCheck history. If we are aware of it, you will be too. It is this kind of dedication to customer satisfaction that makes us a leader in the industry.