Best Upgrades for your 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

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Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Upgrades & Accessories

The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has a wide range of upgrades and accessories that allow you to customize your vehicle. For 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 accessories in Purcell, Oklahoma, come to Zeck Chevrolet.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of the upgrades and accessories you can fit to your new Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

WeatherTech DigitalFit Molded Floor Liners

WeatherTech DigitalFit Molded Floor Liners are some of the best out there when it comes to completely covering your vehicle’s interior and giving it superior protection. Because the liners are measured digitally with a laser, they are able to give you consistent coverage throughout your entire vehicle and fit uniquely and perfectly to your Silverado.

Steelcraft 5″ STX400 Series Cab Length Step Boards

Not only do these steps look great alongside your vehicle, but they are also designed to withstand high impact and have polymers in them that protect them against UV. They are lightweight, made of aluminum, and give you aircraft quality strength.

AMP Research BedXTender HD Max Bed Extender

The AMP Research BedXTender HD Max Bed Extender is great for those of you who want to use the Silverado 1500 bed to hold the tools of your trade efficiently. This base is made of aluminum and has a unique U shape so that you can get the most out of the space in your bed. You can flip it inside and close the tailgate so that you can contain all the tools you need to or you can flip it over and keep the tailgate open and you will gain two additional feet of cargo space that is fenced in so you don’t lose anything. This is helpful if you are hauling larger items such as ATVs or other items that don’t quite fit into your bed.

Bedrug Bed Liner

The Bedrug Bed Liner is an innovative liner for your truck bed that is made of 100% polypropylene and gives you the look and feel of having a carpet in your bed. Not only does this allow you to protect your bed from dings and dents, but you will also be able to put all kinds of things in your bed without worrying.

Dawn Chrome Body Side Moldings

Another great accessory for the 2019 Silverado 1500 is Dawn Chrome Body Side Moldings. These moldings help to protect your vehicle from scratches and dings and come with an easy to install kit with installation instructions as well as Pro-Clean Prep Pads and Pro-Bond Adhesive Promoter. You will have no problems installing this feature yourself and protecting your vehicle.

Lund 3.5″ Bull Bar with LED Light Bar and Skid Plate

If you are looking to improve your visibility at night and wanting to protect your grille and bumper, the Lund 3.5-inch Bull Bar with LED Light Bar and Skid Plate is the right accessory for you. This feature comes with a wiring harness and has a 20-inch heavy-duty LED light bar that uses a flood beam pattern. It has 54 watts and 3000 lumens. It will give your vehicle some extra protection all while increasing your visibility.

SAA Polished Fender Trim

To finish off updating and refreshing your vehicle you will want to consider an SAA Polished Fender Trim. This trim is an inexpensive way to improve the look of your vehicle on the outside. The trim is laser cut and easy to install. As all the pieces are flat, there are no drills or fasteners involved in the installation of this trim. It is almost flush with the vehicle and you have the option of getting it with a rubber black outer lining so that it will stand out even more. This allows you to make your vehicle look more streamlined and less bulky.

BAK BakFlip MX4 Premium Folding Tonneau Cover and BackRack Louvered Rack

A couple of accessories that you can choose from for your bed are the BAK BakFlip MX4 Premium Folding Tonneau Cover and the BackRack Louvered Rack. With the BAK you will get a little extra style to your bed but also have a tough aluminum hard folding cover that will protect your bed from all the elements. The BakFlip has a flush design and a matte black texture that gives you UV and scratch protection and has an enhanced seal for your tailgate that allows the trunk lid to be closed whether your tailgate is open or not.

The BackRack is made from hot rolled pickled and oiled steel and is finished with a powder coat as to resist corrosion and is compatible with most of the Tonneau covers out there. The BackRack allows you to carry all types of heavy cargo while protecting your cab from any of the sliding that your load might do. The Louver will also give your cab some shade helping to keep it cooler.

They are the ultimate way to add function and durability along with style to your vehicle.

Pro Comp 6″ Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit

If you are an off-road enthusiast, you will definitely want to consider the Pro Comp Six-inch Front and Rear Suspension Lift Kit. The installation is straightforward and comes with detailed instructions to make it easier for you to install.

BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover

A final feature for your truck bed is the BAK Revolver X2 Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover. This cover allows you to roll back the cover to the cab giving you full bed access. It is made of high-quality materials.

This cover features patented locking rails to ensure that your bed has a great amount of security to keep your items protected. No criminal will be able to cut through the aluminum slats because the time and effort involved on their part will not be worth it. This means that you can rest easy knowing that not only is your cargo protected from the elements but potential thieves as well.

The cover is operated by a slam latch and can be secured when you roll it up by using the durable buckle straps that are three times thicker and heavier.

For the best upgrades for a 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 in Oklahoma City, come to Zeck Chevrolet in Purcell.

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