2019 Silverado 2500 vs. Dodge Ram 2500

November 20th, 2018 by

2019 chevrolet silverado 2500

If you’re looking to carry bigger payloads than a 2019 Silverado 1500 can handle, the next step up is the 2019 Silverado 2500. Let’s consider how the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 matches up against the Dodge Ram 2500.


Whether you want to choose gas or diesel to help with your current hauling jobs, both models of truck have got you covered with powertrain options for both fuel types. While the 2019 Dodge Ram 2500’s 6.4L Hemi option offers an impressive 410 horsepower jammed under the hood, its diesel option lags behind the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500’s monster Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel V8, which offers a whopping 445 horsepower with this powertrain option. This results in torque reaching 910 pounds per foot at 1600 RPM and enough oomph to tow just about the heaviest of loads. For the Chevrolet Silverado 2500, that would be up to 15,400 lbs. or 7.7 tons pulled behind you at any given time.

Gas Mileage

Gas mileage for the Dodge Ram 2500 lags somewhat behind the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 if that’s what you are looking for in a truck, which understandably limits its highway range to around 430 miles on a full tank. While the EPA doesn’t really evaluate vehicles this heavy as of this writing, Car and Driver has performed their own tests in this area which shows the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 getting the best miles per gallon among the five trucks that were driven during the comparison.

Interior and Electronics

Both vehicles promise a ride in relative comfort as well as style, with a wide range of amenities to make both long and short hauls a little more endurable. Steering wheel controls put your phone, cruise control, and entertainment options at your fingertips. Both offer connection with your phones or other electronic devices, with eight-inch touchscreen displays and comfortable seating in both front and back seats.

Currently, the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 is the only one offering a sound-deadened cab, with triple-sealed doors, as well as a wireless charging pad for compatible phones and devices. Both have plenty of USB charging ports for your devices, located throughout the vehicles. In addition, while Car and Driver rated the Dodge Ram 2500’s USB performance as fair, the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 rates excellent with more than twice the available amperage. This translates into much faster charging for your modern cell phones and assorted other modern conveniences.

As for those devices you may be bringing with you, rest assured that both vehicles support as standard Apple CarPlay and 4G LTE Wi-Fi, as well as Android Auto. However, the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 is offering an interesting feature in all new vehicles called Teen Driver, which allows parents to monitor their children’s driving behavior when they are out driving solo. This is a revolutionary addition and a welcome one for anyone who has ever had a child with questionable driving habits.

Both models offer storage in a number of places, including the side door pockets, front seat, as well as the center console. However, once again the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 comes out ahead of the Dodge Ram 2500 with slightly more storage capacity for these areas. This translates to more options when it comes to transport and storage of items that might otherwise have to be left behind with the Dodge Ram 2500.

In addition, like the aforementioned storage space, front-seat passengers get more room on the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 than with the Dodge Ram 2500. With almost five inches more of precious legroom available for stretching tired legs and four more inches of headroom to keep you from bumping your head, it gives potential guests a more comfortable traveling experience overall.

Exterior and Options

The Chevy Silverado 2500 and Dodge Ram 2500 are both legendary in their workhorse aesthetics, with towing capacity available for a wide range of jobs both great and small. Both offer 5th Wheel/ Gooseneck Prep packages, toolbox, and assist steps to help with entering and exiting the vehicles. Both offer a dizzying array of options and accessories to make life easier and to impress the neighbors, such as bed extensions for extended loads and bed dividers to keep those loads tidy, but only the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 offers a spray-on bedliner as standard for protecting the backbone of the truck. This liner is also water sealed, for those times you need the peace of mind when hauling around less-than-dry materials.

Whether you want a lit bed for nighttime loading and unloading of cargo, or rearview cameras to assist in those nighttime loading and unloading of cargo jobs, both vehicles have got you covered. Both offer bed covers and wide field of view while driving down the road, but the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 has tie-down hooks rated to 250 pounds for your added convenience, as well as a rear bumper corner step to help with getting into and out of the truck bed.

Chevrolet and Dodge have always offered owners from all walks of life different options when it comes to their trucks, but Chevrolet is the only one currently offering the Alaskan Edition. That particular option, if you are so inclined, comes with snow plow prep and upgrades both the wheels and tires for snow driving. It may not be something the average owner would ever need, but it is infinitely useful to those that do.


Not surprisingly, both vehicles come with a plethora of options that make hauling a much safer experience, even with the largest and most unwieldy of loads. The Dodge Ram 2500, for instance, offers an auto-level air suspension as well as a five-link coil suspension, which results in a very smooth drive. But the Chevrolet Silverado 2500 offers StabiliTrak with trailer sway control, which detects whether or not your trailer is starting to sway out of control and, if so, applies truck and trailer brakes automatically in order to bring it back under control. This along with Digital Steering Assist will help you keep your precious cargo on the road and out of the ditch. It also provides extra piece of mind when you have especially expensive loads in the back or on a trailer being towed behind you.

The 2019 Silverado 2500 therefore offers more than the Dodge Ram 2500 for those looking to use the vehicle as a work truck. Test drive the 2019 Silverado 2500 for sale at Zeck Chevy in Purcell, Oklahoma.