2018 Chevrolet Tahoe vs. Honda Pilot

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If you are in the market for a new Sports Utility Vehicle two of the finest vehicles on the market are the 2018 Chevy Tahoe and the 2018 Honda Pilot. They are both such sound and affordable options that you might find yourself struggling to decide which one to purchase. Below is a comparison of the two vehicles focusing on performance, interior comfort, technology, and size. After reading, you will be able to make the best choice for your driving needs and the needs of your passengers.

Performance and Exterior

2018 Chevrolet Tahoe

The 2018 Chevy Tahoe has an incredible 355 horsepower motor with a six-speed shiftable automatic transmission. The Tahoe is a flexible-fuel vehicle (FFV) coming in at just under 20 miles per gallon. The exterior is rife with sleek features such as the 22” spoke silver wheels with black inserts and black roof rack with cross rails. Additional optional items include polished exhaust tips, wheel locks, power sunroof, and molded splash guards.

The 2018 Honda Pilot has the same type of transmission but is lacking in power with only a 280 horsepower motor. It runs on standard gas fuel and gets similar gas mileage to the Tahoe coming in at just over 20 miles per gallon. The Pilot has exterior options that include a skid plate package, grille inserts, and power sunroof.

While the exterior options are almost the same for both vehicles, the difference is in the performance. We have already covered the difference in fuel types and horsepower differences but it is also important to note that the Tahoe is a four-wheel drive vehicle making it a better towing vehicle then the Pilot with its all-wheel drive. The Tahoe runs on eight cylinders with 383 pounds per foot of torque while the Pilot runs on only six cylinders with 262 pounds per foot of torque.

Interior Comfort and Safety

Each vehicle has the standard safety features you would expect of a 2018 model. They both come equipped with child seat anchors and rear door child safety locks, dual side airbags and rear and third row airbags. What sets the vehicles apart is the interior comfort of the Tahoe compared to the Pilot.

Both the Chevy Tahoe and the Honda Pilot can comfortably seat eight people and come with cruise control on the steering wheel and three-zone climate control features. However, the Chevy Tahoe comes with four one-touch power windows whereas the Pilot only comes with two. While the Pilot has convenient hands-free entry, the Tahoe has remote keyless power locks and heated mirrors making it more comfortable and a better option in cold environments.

While both vehicles come with bucket front seats the Tahoe has more front legroom measuring in at 45.3 inches while the Pilot only has 40.9 inches. The Tahoe also has more front headroom (42.8 inches), more front shoulder room (64.8 inches) and more front hip room (60.8 inches) meaning that the Tahoe is just hands down a more roomier ride for the driver and front passenger.


Both the Tahoe and the Pilot come with satellite radio but the Tahoe has the added bonus of having real-time traffic satellite radio plus nine speakers to the Pilot’s seven. The Chevy Tahoe also comes with an auxiliary audio input with USB external media controls. Each model has an external temperature display, trip computer, and a compass.

The Tahoe comes with an anti-theft remote alarm system and auto delay headlights. It also comes with tire pressure monitoring and lane departure warnings. The Pilot also has tire pressure monitoring and what it lacks with lane departure warnings it makes up for with a blind spot warning system.

As an added bonus, the Tahoe does offer an optional rear-seat Blu-ray entertainment package that will keep your passengers entertained. It is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Each of these features makes it easy to connect your phone to your vehicle with ease to make calls, get directions, and use apps.

Size Matters

If you are still torn between these two great vehicles, it might just come down to the size. As state above the Tahoe gives you more room inside the vehicle but what about the vehicle itself.
With the Chevy Tahoe, the maximum cargo capacity is 94.7 cubic feet and with all the seats in place, you still have 15.5 cubic feet. The overall length of the vehicle is 204 inches with a towing capacity of 8,400 pounds. It stands at 74.4 inches high, 80.5 inches wide and has a wheelbase of 116 inches.

Compare this to the Honda Pilot with a maximum cargo capacity of 83.8 cubic feet and with all the seats in place, you have a slightly larger area of 16.5 cubic feet. The overall length of the vehicle is 94 inches but it only has a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. It stands at 69.8 inches high, 78.6 inches wide and has a wheelbase of 111 inches.

The Chevy Tahoe also has a larger fuel tank capacity at 26 gallons versus the Pilot’s 19 gallons.

The only area that the Pilot beats out the Tahoe in size is the cargo capacity with all the seats in place. In every other area, the Tahoe is the larger, more powerful, higher performing vehicle.


The 2018 Chevy Tahoe was named the most dependable large SUV on the market.

Consider the size of your family, the need for space and cargo room and the ability to tow before making a decision that is going to last your vehicle needs for the years to come. The 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe for sale in Oklahoma is larger and more powerful than the 2018 Honda Pilot. The Tahoe’s towing capacity is over 50% higher than the Pilot’s towing capacity. For the things that really matter, the Chevrolet Tahoe outperforms the Honda Pilot every time.

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