2018 Chevrolet Cruze vs. 2018 Honda Civic

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2018 Chevrolet Cruze

The compact car segment is highly competitive. Whatever you are looking for – a fuel-efficient hatchback, a classy sedan, a sporty car, or an inexpensive alternative, there are all types of compact cars available out there in the market.

The current model year Chevrolet Cruze and Honda Civic are two such cars available as both sedans and hatchbacks. They both have modern features, sleek designs, and good performance. With such neck-to-neck scores, which one is the right option?

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Let’s have a closer look at these two favorites.


The Cruze has long been one of Chevrolet’s most popular vehicles. With the compact segment heating up of late, GM has done a good job of keeping the Cruze competitive. Last year, Chevy launched a hatchback variant of the Cruze with more cargo capacity than the sedan. In addition, introduced was a diesel engine offering a whopping 50 mpg mileage. Both these introductions proved quite popular among buyers and relying on the same, Chevy introduced a diesel-powered hatchback for the current year model.

As for the Civic, the current year model is one of the best-known cars in its class and is equipped with a 1.5-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Delivering decent acceleration and good fuel economy, the Civic is available in various body styles – sedan, coupe, and hatchback. You can also choose from the sporty Civic Si or the Civic Type R.


The 2018 Chevrolet Cruze is available as a compact sedan and hatchback. For the sedan, there are four trim levels – the L, the LS, the LT, and the Premier, while for the hatchback there are two trims – the LT and the Premier. As for the diesel engine, there’s only one trim in both body types – the LT Diesel. Regardless of the body style, the Cruze has a clean, crisp, and eye-catching design overall. The sides are well toned and the addition of the RS package can turn your vehicle into a sports car. The hatchback is even more appealing, especially with its tailgate and rear bumper design.

Subjectively, Chevrolet has nailed the style of both the compact sedan and the compact hatchback. It’s a highly sporty design that’s modern, cool, and functional. The Cruze is an eye-catching vehicle, and if you really want heads to turn, opt for the radical Redline that’s futuristic, sporty, and confident.

The Civic’s new monocoque all-steel platform makes for a lighter yet stiffer body structure than before. However it’s by moving the car’s fuel tank (formerly in an unconventional location beneath the previous-generation car’s front seats) to where it’s most typically found beneath the rear seats that sees the Civic gain some interior room.


The interior space and roominess offered by the Cruze are simply unparalleled in its segment. Regardless of the body style, four adults can easily get in the Cruze, stretch around comfortably and come out without a hitch. All the trims have cloth upholstery as standard except for the top end Premier, which comes with leather interiors. The LT trim also offers the option of leather upholstery, which is a notch higher than the one found in the Honda Civic. The driver’s seat is six-way adjustable with an option of eight-way adjustable lumbar.

Another cool feature of the Cruze is its rain sensitive wipers that adjust the speed automatically based on the amount of rainfall on the windshield. This allows the driver to focus on the driving without having to worry about the speed of the wipers. Honda has not used any such feature for the Civic though. As for the cold regions, Cruze has heated steering wheel that provides a much-needed warmth and comfort to the driver – something that is unavailable in the Civic.

An important safety feature in the Cruze is light sensors that detect other vehicles approaching from the opposite side. If the car is being driven on high beam, the sensors automatically turn it to low beam in order to avoid blinding the driver. The Premier trim of the Cruze also offers a 115V AC outlet that can speedily charge your smartphone or laptop. These modern advances are unavailable in the Honda Civic.

Engine & Performance

The 2018 Chevrolet Cruze for sale in Purcell, Oklahoma is available with two engines – a 1.4L turbo and a 1.6L diesel turbo. The 1.4L four-cylinder churns out 177 pounds per foot of torque. This is way more power than the Honda Civic’s standard 2.0 DOHC four-cylinder, which makes 138 pounds per foot of torque and the optional 1.5L turbo-four cylinder produces 162 pounds per foot of torque.

If this isn’t enough, the 1.6L turbo diesel in the Cruze generates 240 pounds per foot of torque leaving behind most of its rivals in terms of raw power. These engines are mated to the standard six-speed manual transmission or the optional six-speed automatic. Its handling is precise and responsive and its grip levels are high.

Note that this is the last year you’ll be able to choose the six-speed manual transmission on the Chevrolet Cruze as it will be deleted as an option in the 2019 Chevrolet Cruze. Of course, it may make a return in the 2020 Cruze.

As for the Honda Civic, the car’s suspension shows the biggest modification. Although the previous Civic used a torsion beam rear suspension, this new one switches to a multi-link set-up that ought to help Honda achieve better handling than before. The car’s adaptive dampers make for a fussy ride at higher highway speeds.


Both the Chevrolet Cruze and Honda Civic are available in sedan and hatchback body styles with various modern tech. However, the Civic somewhat lags behind when it comes to engine power, technology, interior, and driving capabilities. This makes the Cruze the go-to choice for Purcell, Oklahoma buyers looking at the compact car segment.

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